X-ray Baggage Scanner: SF100100D

◆ 2* 19” High-Resolution LCD Monitor;
◆ Display Resolution: 1280*1024; Color and B/W scanning image display
◆ Dual energy
◆ L-shaped array detector
◆ L shape x-ray detector Safety Interlocks
◆ Emergency stop buttons on the console and entry & exit of the tunnel (one-key shutdown)
◆ Brightening/dimming: Increase/Decrease the brightness of the image
◆ Image Storage—100,000 pictures in real time (can be customized)
◆ Orientation: Downward;
◆ Tube Current: 0.6mA;
◆ Anode voltage: 80KV;
◆ X-ray divergence angle: 60 °;
◆ Warranty Two years
◆ Have CE , ISO, FCC, ROSH certification

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Product Description


  • 2* 19" High-Resolution LCD Monitor;
  • Color quality: 24-Bit real colors based on materials;
  • Contrast Sensitivity: 24 Visible Levels,4096 Gray Level;
  • High penetration display: Increase the contrast of bright area in image to make the area that is easy to penetrate appear more clearly;
  • Low penetration display: Increase the contrast of dark area in image to make the area that is difficult to penetrate appear more clearly.
  • Edge enhancement---The edge of image is more clear;
  • Image storage: 100,000 pictures in real time (can be customized)
  • Zoom: 64 Times Enlarge, Whole screen continuous observation
  • Zoom in/zoom out---Make the image bigger,make the image smaller;
  • Display the previous twenty images and process any one of them; Restore image to initial status;
  • Brighter/darker---Make image more bright /make image darker;
  • Replay---Playback all images on the screen at current,



It is suitable for the security check, where intelligent management of channels is required, such as subway stations, customs ports, airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, communities, supermarkets, clubs, enterprises, and institutions.
Technical Data
Tunnel Size 1000 (W) × 1000 (H) mm
Conveyor Speed 0.22m/s
Conveyor Max Load 300kg
Single inspection dosage < 1.6μGy
Leakage radiation <0.3μGy/h
Wire Resolution 40AWG(0.0787mm metal line)
Steel Penetration 36mm
Film Safety For ISO 1600
Orientation Downward
Tube Current 1.0-1.5MA ( adjustable)
Anode voltage 150-200KV
X-ray divergence angle 80 °
Generator cooling/working periods sealed oil bath with forced air/100%
X-RAY SENSOR L-shaped array detector, 24bit
Network interface Capable of connecting to LAN, and support multi-terminal check for baggage at same time
Safety ray Ray is transmitted under automatic control, avoiding the error; One-key shutdown control: Just rotate the key to shut down the machine; it is safety, easy and convenient
Eagle eye Capable of expediently observing the magnifying area Self-diagnosis function: Give message automatically if malfunction for prompt maintenance
Self-diagnosis function Give a message automatically if malfunction for prompt maintenance
One-key shutdown control just rotate the key to shut down the machine; it is safe, easy and convenient
Power Requirement 220V AC (±10%) 50±3Hz)
Power consumption 1.0KW (Max)
Noise level <58dB
Spatial Resolution 1.0mm Horizontal and Vertical
Operating temperature/humidity 0°C -45°C/20%-95% (Non-condensing)
Storage temperature/humidity: -20°C ~ 60°C/20% ~ 95% (Non condensing)
Packaging and shipping