Under Vehicle Surveillance System: UV300-F

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Under Vehicle Surveillance System: UV300-F

Under Vehicle Surveillance System: UV300-F

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Product Description
Brand Grantech (SYM76941 VGGA)
CPU Intel (R) Core Processor, 2.6GHz/2.59GHz
Memory 2G (optional 4G)
Graphics 512M
Hard Disk SATA2 Hard Disk 500G Dual LAN
USB 2.0 (Up to 2 pieces)
Monitor 22” LCD, resolution up to 1920*1080
Scene Video Record 4 channels (optional)
Operational system Windows XP or Windows 7 (32 bit) (optional)


Under Vehicle Surveillance System fixed type UV300-F combines terminal data acquisition technology, mobile communication technology, and Internet technology. The position and status of vehicles are fed into the software of vehicle management personnel. Vehicle monitoring system for vehicle positioning, tracking, trajectory view, monitoring, surveillance, and so on, and can put the data and other related information derived based on history as a vehicle to help vehicle scheduling management control of the vehicles in road information, promote the efficiency of management of vehicles.

  • Under Vehicle image scanner with a unique open-wide field scan design
  • Vehicle speed: 1-60km/h, suggest speed :≤30km/h
  • Scan mode: line scan the ground sensor coil trigger
  • Display:22 inch color LCD Screen
  • Image Longitudinal resolution: 2048 pixels CCD;
  • Scanner connect cable: 10 meters (can be customized)
  • System interface language: English (can be customized)

1. Store or load time: <1 second;

2. Vehicle Image local magnification: > 2 times;

3. Vehicle Image scaling: 16 times;

4. Vehicle image display mode: large format transverse;

5. Vehicle image storage format: BMP or JPEG;

6. System interface language: English (can be customized);

7. Display resolution: 1920 * 1080P;

8. Communication interface: RS232/RS422;

9. Scene image display: ≥1 channel;

10. Speed identification: when the vehicle passes the scanner and stops suddenly, then restarts, the device can identify automatically, and the system will display the complete vehicle image;

11. Scan mode: line scan, the ground sensor coil trigger;

12. Vehicle speed: 1-60km/h, suggest speed: ≤30km/h;

13. View angle: 175 degrees;

14. Longitudinal Image resolution: 2048 pixels CCD;

15. Scanner connect cable: 10 meters (can be customized);

16. Lighting components: Four single sealed LED surface light sources; Life: 100,000h ;

17. Under Vehicle image scanner with a unique open-wide field scan design;

18. Working voltage: DC24V;

19. Power Supply: AC110V-240V/50-60Hz;

20. Structure design: single sealed design;

21. Loading weight: 50 Tons;

22. Scanner size: 1200*350*210mm;

23. Weight: 180kg;

24. Water-proof grade: IP68;

25. Environment temperature: -40 degrees – +70 degrees;

26. License plate recognition (need a customer to provide the SDK LPR software of the exported country, we can integrate it to the UVSS without extra cost );

Product packaging

Scope of application

It is suitable for quick security checks under the vehicle in customs ports, airports, prisons, courts houses,  commercial buildings, business park checkpoints, etc.

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