> Detection Zones: 6 zone & 18 zone
> Detection mode: Bilateral Transmission Bilateral reception
> Sensitivity: Each zone 0-99, 100 levels adjustable
> Frequency : 4K-8KHz continuously adjustable
> Visual Displays: Pass count & Alarm count (5 Digit LED Display)
> Weatherproofing : IP65, Temp: -20°C to +45°C
> Infrared passing speed: 60/min
> Easy install
> Safe for the human body
> Support multi-language
> Warranty: 24 months (limited)
> Technical support
> optional function: wheels, CCTV system

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Product Description
model UB500
Voltage AC85V-264V
working environment -20℃–+50℃
working frequency 4KHZ—8KHZ
Dimensions (mm) 2200(H)*800(W)*500(D)
Channel size (mm) 2010(H)*700(W)*500(D)
Chassis specification (mm) 2260*645*235 *1ctn
Case packaging (mm) 420*740*235 *1ctn
Net weight (kg) 72
Location display Zone 6
Detection mode Bilateral transmission Bilateral reception
Sensitivity 100 levels adjustable
Metal removal Bras, buttons, belts, jewelry, etc.
Sound and light alarm function Yes
Password protection function Yes
Protection ability Only indoor or outdoor on sunny days





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