Swing Turnstile: UT580-B
Swing Turnstile: UT580-B
Swing Turnstile: UT580-B
Swing Turnstile: UT580-B
Swing Turnstile: UT580-B
Swing Turnstile: UT580-B

Swing Turnstile: UT580-B

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◆ Brush motor, acrylic baffle, marble top cover, 5 pairs of infrared
◆ With the function of automatically opening the door wing after power failure, it can meet the requirements of fire escape
◆ Anti-tailing and anti-submarine return
◆ With the automatic reset, infrared anti-pinch function
◆ Multiple working modes are available
◆ Scope of application: campus, community, etc.

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Product Description

Uniqscan Swing gate Turnstiles:

Uniqscan offers a offer a selection of standard rotating-swing half-height and full-height turnstiles.swing barrier turnstile. This is our model UT580-B which can use indoors and outdoors without damage, Turnstiles monitor, count, and maintain reliable access control while permitting a high frequency of passage. Combined with the infrared detector, and temperature controller, the revolving door series product design novel, can be widely used in subway, school, office, scenic area, gym, factory, residential, supermarket and other places.Our Swing Turnstile Gate cabinet style models are designed to be paired with our matching turnstiles and can be configured to offer different levels of functionality based on your needs and budget.

Features and Benefits

1. Swing turnstile gate has an automatic return function: After the passage process  is completed, the brake wings automatically return to the initial blocking position

2. Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, smooth operation, and long service life

3. Card can be set to "with memory" or "without memory" functions;

4. With an automatic reset function, i.e. after having access to the gate, the gate automatically restores to the locked state if not pass within the time set;

5. With infrared anti-clip function (anti-clip when the gate is open or running);

6. Various working modes are available, including two-way card reading and one-way card reading, etc.

7. A combination of infrared sensors and police ant illegal entry into pedestrian access, the protection of pedestrians smooth and the prevention of the channel following

8. Automatic swing gate turnstile has an anti-illegal intrusion function: When the card is invalid, there is no card swiping, or the passage is forbidden, the forcible entry into the channel will be regarded as illegal intrusion, and the system will automatically alarm and close the flap.

9. With the function of automatically opening the door wing after a power failure, it can meet the requirements of a fire escape;

Product Details

Material Thickness 1.2 mm, 304 stainless steel
Size 1200*185*980mm
Unlock time  0.2 seconds
Pass rate 35p/m
The channel width 600mm
Input voltage 100V~240V
Motor type Brush-less and brush motor
Environment -20~+50℃
Opening signal input Dry contact
Net weight 45KG
Technical Data
Passing time
Pass Rate
Pass Width
Driving Voltage
High Light
24V Office entrance gate
High Light
 24V Office entrance gate
Card Reader glass turnstile gate
Office glass turnstile gate
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