Walk Through Metal Detector: UB800

> Detection Zones: 33 zones & 36 zones
> Detection mode: Bilateral Transmission Bilateral reception
> Multi-Unit Synchronization : Manual
> Sensitivity : Each zone 0-999, 1000 levels adjustable
> Frequency : 4K-8KHz continuously adjustable
> Minimum Detection : 3.25*3.25CM iron nugget
> Visual Displays: Pass count & Alarm count (5 Digit LED Display)
> Weatherproofing: IP53, Temp: -20°C to +45°C
> Infrared passing speed : 60/min
> Easy install
> Safe for the human body
> Support multi-language
> Warranty: 24 months (limited)
> Technical support
> optional function: Battery, wheels, CCTV system

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Walk Through Metal Detector: UB800

Walk Through Metal Detector: UB800

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Product Description
Gross weight 65KG
Power Supply AC100V-240V / 50-60Hz;Power <15W
Working temperature -20℃–+50℃
Working Waterproof can be used outside
Package size for door panels 2290*560*190mm *1ctn
Package size for the control unit 760*380*260m*1ctn
Standard External size 2200mm(H)X800mm(W)X580mm(D)
Standard Internal size 2010mm(H)X700mm(W)X500mm(D)


The UB-800’s Access Control Panel is designed for use by authorized personnel with specific, multi-level security with password protection; only the authorized person can operate; Sound & LED alarm: Both Side LED indicators easily show where the metal is, Automatically count passengers, and alarm times.

  • 33 distinct zones are displayed with two (2) independent columns of LEDs
  • Self-diagnostic program: complete and automatic
  • 7-inch LCD screen, remote control, English program
  • Sensitivity: 0-999 distinct sensitivity levels, adjustable
  • Automatically count passengers and alarm times, 5 digits counter
  • Password protection
  • Harmless to  heart pacemakers, pregnant women. etc
  • Modularized design, simple installation, and after-sales services
  • 15 preset programs for security applications *
  • 5 digits counter. Automatically count passengers and alarm times
  • High sensitivity: Ferrous/ non-ferrous /Alloy can be detected
  • Alarm volume range from level 1 to 9
  • Alarm tones: Change from 0 to 9 (10 different tones for choosing)

True quality

comes from every detail


A. 7 Inch Color LCD Screen: Easy to show and operate;

B. 8 Screws: Easy assembly and installation;

C. Socket: Easy to connect both door panels;

D. Power Line: Support UK / European / USA standards;

E. Integrated Circuit Board: Intelligent and Stably;

F. Infrared Sensor: Accuracy check;

G. Backup Battery: Support 4-8 hours(optional);

H. Foot Cover: Easy fastness ;

Safe and harmless

Harmless to the human body: is harmless with heart pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.


Product packaging

Carton Dimension L*W*H (mm)

Door Panel : 2290*560*190                               Control Unit :760*380*260


Scope of application

It is suitable for the quick security check, where intelligent management of channels is required, such as subway stations, customs ports, airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, communities, supermarkets, clubs, enterprises, and institutions.


Packaging and shipping

Height :

Leanth :

Product Weight :

Shipping Weight :

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