Speed Gate: UT580A

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Speed Gate: UT580A

Speed Gate: UT580A

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Product Description
Size 1400*160*980 mm
Flap opening/closing time 0.2s
Material 304 # stainless steel
Thickness 2.0mm
Flap Swing Speed 0.4S adjustable
Speed 35 person/min
Passage width ≤550 mm
Direction Bi-directional
Motor 24V / 30W brushless
Infrared sensor 9-10pairs
Adaptation humidity 5% – 90%


  1. Shell processing technology: using laser, bending, cutting, welding, polishing, polishing, and other processes.
  2. Adaptation temperature: -40 °C ~ 80 °C. (Need to add temperature control system).
  3. Working environment: Indoors and outdoor
  4. Adopt a High-level full-automatic intelligent mechanism, Brushless DC motor, and System operation stable with low noise.
  5. Anti-pinch and anti-collision function, Automatical control system, Power board, Passage LED indicator, Passage Mode setting.
  6. Anti-shock function, the swing arm is automatically locked when no open signal is received.
  7.  The power off the flap is automatically open and automatically close when it is powered, which meets the fire protection requirements.
  8. with time protection and automatical reset function
  9. A unified electrical interface Can be connected with reading and writing equipment.
  10. The automatical control system, Power board, Passage LED indicator, Passage Mode setting.
  11. Using a standard electrical interface, it can easily integrate magnetic stripe cards, barcode cards, ID cards, IC cards, ID cards, and other card readers on the device.

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