Hand Held Metal Detector: UMD-150

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Hand Held Metal Detector: UMD-150

Hand Held Metal Detector: UMD-150

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Product Description
Unit Dimension 410(L)* 85(W)* 45(H) mm
Power voltage standard 9V battery
Operating voltage 7V-9V
Operating Current <50mA
Alarm terms sound (vibration) and light alarm simultaneously
Waterproof IP31
Alarm Sound ≥75dB(A)
Operation Frequency 40KHz
Housing material ABS- black
Package 25pcs/carton
Gross Weight for a carton 12.5kgs
Carton Dimension 480(L) X 280(W) X 440(H) mm


It can be recharged. It needs 4-6 hours for charging. (the charger and rechargeable battery order will be  additional) .Rechargeable Battery Kit, Allows recharging without removing the battery. Includes environment-friendly, Cadmium-free Ni-MH battery and charger.

  • Single push button operation
  • A single 9-volt battery provides up to 100 hours of regular operation.
  • Optional NIMA rechargeable battery (including reserve battery) provides up to 45 hours on a single charge.

Product packaging

Dimensions: 420(L)x 85(W) x 42(H)mm 25pcs/carton                 Gross Weight for a carton: 12.5kgs                  Carton Dimension: 480(L) X 280(W) X 440(H) mm


Scope of application

It is suitable for the quick security check, where intelligent management of channels is required, such as subway stations, customs ports, airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, communities, supermarkets, clubs, enterprises, and institutions.

Packaging and shipping

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