Speed Gate: HC-SPE-6M40

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Product Description
Size 1400*120*980mm
Unlock time 0.2 seconds
Traffic speed 35p/m
600-1100mm 600mm
Input voltage 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Motor voltage 24V
Ambient temperature  -25~+70℃
Power 35W
Open signal input dry contact


1.2.0mm cold plate paint+1.5mm SUS304
2. Box laser cutting processing;
3. Fine welding and fine grinding process;
4. The surface is original wire drawing;
5. Infrared anti-pinch protection;
6. Illegal intrusion into the infrared alarm;
7. Swipe the card to open the gate to reverse and reverse the alarm;
9. Domestic first-line brand infrared 6 pairs
10. International first-class power supply + LED light bar
11. Domestic first-class decoder
12.10mm transparent acrylic bezel + 10mm transparent acrylic partition
13. Fully automatic board + box + wire trough
14. One-piece speed pass movement

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