Semi - Automatic Tripod Turnstile Gate UT550-E

Semi - Automatic Tripod Turnstile Gate UT550-E

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> Semi-automatic tripod turnstile movement,
> stainless steel gate rod;
> Remote control can also be added for rod-dropping control;
> LED indicator prompt,
> Material 304 stainless steel;
> Unlock time: 0.2 seconds
> dry contact.
> warranty 2 years

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Product Description

Product Description

Uniqscan Tripod turnstile, one kind of pedestrian turnstiles, is also known as three-roller turnstile and three-rod turnstile. The product comprises stainless steel casing, electronic control for machine core, aluminum plate for turnstile rod, etc. It can be widely in various kinds of entrance and exit situations by combining with various identification and verification equipment. The Uniqscan tripod turnstile is characterized by long fixed rod and limited channel width for the passage of pedestrians and small luggage rather than vehicles; a single set can form one channel to save the budget; its structure is simple for easy maintenance and installation; the product is provided with fire-fighting couplings for linkage; it is also provided with OEM and ODM;  after swiping cards, the turnstile road rotates to strictly enforce the function of opening once for one person; it is provided with 60° anti-rotation function to prevent reverse intrusion; and the product can be directly used for outdoor and indoor situations.


Features and Benefits

*. Semi-automatic tripod turnstile movement, stainless steel gate rod;

*.LED indicator prompt, valid card displays green, illegal card displays red;

*. Use IC cards, ID cards, Bar code or magnetic cards as automatic identification system and achieve access, attendance fees or function

*. A direction indicator, showed that pedestrian access to the current status of, and guide pedestrians correct and smooth passage

*. Display has been in use for statistics and numbers

*. With the function of power-off and rod-dropping, remote control can also be added for rod-dropping control;

*. A combination of infrared sensors and police ant illegal entry into pedestrian access, the protection of pedestrians smooth and the prevention of the channel following

*. Double anti-clipping function, photocell antic clipping, and mechanical anti-clipping

*. The barrier can be set to delay closing to 1-60s after a valid card-reading



Opening signal input

dry contact.


304 Stainless Steel




Wooden Box



Transit Speed

35 Persons/min

Drive voltage


Time Needed For Opening

0.2 Seconds

Size and material



channel width is 550mm


Material: 1.2/1.5 mm 304 stainless steel;



Technical Data
Dimension 420*330*980mm;
Unlock time 0.2s
Passage width <550mm
Throughput rate 35p/m
Support force of arm 80kg
Driven  voltage 240v
Delay reset time 3 >S  Adjustable
Rod working driving force 3kg
Protection level 44ip
Working temperature -20~50 °C
Elector-magnetic drive  DC
Positioning accuracy 1/500 yards
Input 100-240v
Adaptation humidity 5% - 90%
Motor 24v / 30w brushless
Net weight 23kg
Packaging and Shipping
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Datasheet 2023-01-14 tripod turnstile gate English pdf