Hydraulic Rising Bollard

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Hydraulic Rising Bollard

Hydraulic Rising Bollard

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Product Description
Passing pressure ≤80- 120 tons container trucks
Voltage AC220V 50Hz Integrated
System Dynamic power 350W Integrated
Rise time ≤3-4S (adjustable)
Fall time ≤3-4S (adjustable)
Material 304 stainless steel
Rising height 600mm
Waterproof IP68, double sealed
Running noise ≤60 dB
Weight 200 KG approx
Working Temperature -35℃~75℃(suitable)
Remote control distance Approx .50m-100m
Solenoid valve voltage 24V


  • Control System: Integrated Electro-Hydraulic
  • External housing size:430*430*1130mm/500*500*900mm
  • Diameter:168mm,219mm,273mm (can be customized)
  • Storage Environment:10℃~65℃, Waterproof and moisture-proof
  • The thickness of the bollard:6mm,8mm, and 10mm.12mm,15mm, 30mm (optional)
  • Structure: With load-bearing steel beam-column, anti-collision steel beam-column, 4 navigation rods;
  • Integrated electrical mechanism: stroke 600mm, Cylinder outer diameter 60mm, Rod diameter:16mm;
  • 6k Mirror cylinder;
  • Colorful With LED (Acrylic light circle);
  • Reflective sticker:2 strips;
  • Gang-control interface ;
  • It can manually fall if power is cut;
  • Available to reverse operation during rising or falling;
  • The hydraulic drive comes with a hydraulic lock;
  • PLC programming command control system ;
  • LCD has both menus in Chinese and English ;
  • PLC built-in encryption system.

Suitable for scenes

They are widely used in parking lots, traffic, or toll system. Users can control the parking gate barrier with a remote controller or manual button, which is very convenient. It can be used in residential areas, traffic control, commercial building parking, shopping mall parking, industry, hotels, toll plazas, etc.

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