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5.0 inch capacitive touch screen 854 * 480
Valid Distance 0.3-0.5 meter
Accuracy ±0.5 ℃
Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
Temperature sensor measure range -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Running memory 512M, storage capacity flash 1GB
Face recognition accuracy >99%
Face storage 3,000 faces, 1 million records
Face recognition speed 0.2 seconds


• Fast Temperature Detection: non-contact body surface temperature measurement within 1 second, which avoids cross infection

• Voice Alarm for Abnormal Temperature Cases

• Facial + Temperature verification to reject abnormal access

• Technology platform: LINUX intelligent operating system

• Dynamic face recognition verification, password verification, face + password verification, (customizable ID/IC card)

• Embedded & integrated design

• Collection, detection, comparison and living judgement on one device

• Support output 485 and Wiegand signals: can be seamlessly connected with various access controllers, support wg26, wg34

• Automatic adaptation to light environment

• Support extended 1: 1 witness identification, 1: n face recognition

• Flexible way to import face templates, support single, batch image file import and real-time capture of registered faces

• It can run offline in the disconnected mode without relying on computer control.

• Visible light + infrared light binocular live detection and recognition to prevent fraud on mobile phone photos and videos

• Support online photo import or photo registration, face registration directly on the touch screen, U disk import photo registration face

• Support wearing face mask to register face, wearing face mask to brush face recognition

• Multiple authentication modes: face, password (optional) and other modes

• Powerful access control functions and rich access control input and output interfaces

• Conventional temperature measurement mode: wear a mask to register, open the door when the temperature is normal when you brush your face, and do not open the door if the alarm is exceeded.

• The temperature measurement function can be turned off if epidemic ends, which can be used for dynamic face access control attendance

• Alarm temperature can be customized

• Voice prompt “temperature is within the range” when body temperature is normal, voice abnormal “temperature is out of the range” when body temperature is abnormal

We have everything you want

Multi-functional customization to meet

the needs of different applications

Stand installation

2 USB port

1 network port

Base with adjusting screw

With blue light strip

With Hand Sanitizer Auto dispenser

Automatic induction


DC Power supply

Vibration reduction


with USB charging port


 It is suitable for quick check of body temperature in subway station, customs port, airport, railway station, hospital, school,

community, shopping mall etc.

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