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Boom Barrier Gate

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1. For security, the barrier will automatically go back when meet obstacles during closing.
2. Brushless AC motor is more powerful and no maintenance.
3. Arm can be chosen from 3 meters to 6 meters, and barrier closing time is also arranged from 1s to 6s.
4. The barrier can be installation both leftward and rightward. 
5. All the operation process is soft without any noise and shaking.
6. Infrared photocell interface, Loop detector interface and IC system interface are reserved for the other functions.
7. Green light and red light are used inside for indication the position of the beam.
8. Manual release device to operate the barrier when power failure.
9. Barrier motor with die-casting aluminum alloy is high-hermetic and easy for heat dissipation.
10. Motor cooling fan to avoid the over-heating possibility.
11. Auto closing realization through menu setting on the control panel.
12. Optional housing color: yellow,orange, white, red and blue etc.
13. Variable frequency controller automatically detects and optimizes boom moving, ensures smooth moving without shake
14. System automatically self-checks operation status and reports errors code
15. Simplified design, easy installation and maintenance reduces your labor cost
16. The crank-arm linkage structure adapts to the compression spring, which can be selected to avoid accidents caused by    
      the spring breaking.
17. Closing Priority.

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