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Tripod Turnstile

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Dimension: 420*330*980mm

Material:304 # stainless steel  

Tickness: Head: 1.5mm , Cabinet:1.2mm

Channel width:≤550mm


speed:35 person/min 

Weight: 80KG

Adaptation temperature: -40 °C ~ 80 °C. (Need to add temperature control system)

Working environment: indoors and outdoors.

Function introduction

It has fault self-test and alarm prompt function, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.

Experience factory , all size ,thickness and appearance can be customized . OEM &ODM requirments are accepted. 

Can be arbitrarily set single, two-way free passage.

Light indication: high-brightness traffic light status indication, guide the passage.

Adopt High-level full-automatic intelligent mechanism ,Brushless DC motor,Anti-collision.

Automatical control system ,Power board,Passage LED indicator ,Passage Mode setting

With power off the rod in emergency , the power automatically on rod function

System operation stable with low noise,  with time proteciton and automatical reset function 

Entrance and exit setting : Allowed or Forbidden

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